Happy Endings

Title: Furry (2/?)

Disclaimer: Don't let me fool you, although I may wish to own these characters, the sad truth is that I don't have enough money or even enough ideas to own them. *sigh* Such is my existence.

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Spike was awoken early the next morning by a deep rumbling in his stomach. After blindly seeking the refrigerator and opening the door, Spike took out a packet of dark red blood.

After draining the bag, Spike suddenly remembered his furry companion.

"Bones?" Spike said as he started searching frantically for the kitten. "Bones? Bones, you idiotic piece of vermin, where the bloody hell are you?" Spike started insulting the kitten blatantly, not realizing that it might discourage the kitten from appearing.

Suddenly, Spike's duster started running across the floor. A small, kitten-shaped lump had formed in the middle of the jacket. The vampire slowly stalked up to the moving piece of leather and immediately pounced on the lump in the middle.

Spike started wrestling with the jumping duster until both the blonde and the cat collapsed on the floor, exhausted.

After he had regained some of his energy, Spike plucked the kitten from his duster and placed the animal on his stomach.

"Feisty lil' bugger, you are," Spike panted, scratching Bones' head affectionately. Soon, the kitten started meowing loudly and rubbing his head none-too-gently against the vamp's stomach. After the mewing got louder and his stomach started becoming raw, Spike realized what the problem was.

"Oh... You must be hungry, eh?" said Spike as he started to get up from the floor. Instead of hopping off his stomach, Bones locked his tiny claws onto the silk shirt covering Spike's stomach and held onto the material with all his kitten might.

Spike tried in vain to disengage Bones' claws from his favorite shirt, but the young cat held fast. Sighing, Spike made his way over to the fridge, kitten still attached to his front.

"I swear, if anyone sees me like this..."

After finding a can of tuna in the fridge, Spike opened the lid and dumped its contents into a spare bowl. The kitten detached himself from the vamp ("Ahh, finally!") and sniffed the tuna. Bones didn't touch the fish and instead started meowing helplessly.

Looking at the kitten in perplexity, Spike tried to think why his new houseguest wasn't eating. Scratching the bleach blond curls that were his hair, Spike said, "I gotta learn more about cats..."

Still looking up sadly at his companion, Bones started rubbing his head on Spike's pant leg.

"Best get you to someone who knows cats," Spike muttered.


"Red!" Spike shouted, trying to to stomp out the flames emanating from the blanket. After the flames were out, Spike reached into his pocket and pulled out a shaking kitten. Bones was hardly singed, save for a few whiskers at the end of his nose.

Willow finally appeared at the top of the stairs, looking disheveled. Her red hair was astray and her shirt was buttoned strangely.

"Spike! What are you doing here?" exclaimed Willow. She saw Bones and added, "With a cat of all creatures?"

Spike searched for an answer. "Well...Red, ya see...it's quite funny, actually, see, I was walkin' down the alley last night and I hear this lil' mewin'...and...and...here he is."

Willow raised an eyebrow at Spike who was playing with the kitten distractedly.

"Willow! Where are you?" said a voice from the top of the stairs. Tara suddenly appeared at the stairs, wearing only a white sheet.

Looking at the pair, who were exchanging loving glances, Spike coughed loudly.

If you're gonna start salivatin' over each other, I suggest you tell me now," said Spike. Looking at the two suggestively, he added, "Unless you wanna give us a show..."

At the two girls' glares, Spike mumbled, "Guess not..."

Bones, feeling forgotten, mewed at Spike and rubbed his head against Spike's.

"Right then, Bones isn't eating. I tried to feed him tuna and just snubbed it."

Willow looked thoughtful. "Hmm. How old is he?"

"3 months at the most."

"You tried to feed tuna to a kitten!?"

Spike tried to look nonchalant as he answered, "What's wrong 'bout that?"

Willow stared at him for awhile. Tara, who had left a few moments earlier and re-appeared fully dressed, answered for her.

"You can't feed tuna to kittens. They won't digest it well."

Spike looked at his hand. "So what do you suppose I should feed 'im then?"

"Wet kitten food from a pet store. You can get some near the Magic Box."

Spike muttered a quick thanks, picked up his basket, and rushed out the door.