Happy Endings

Title: Furry (3/?)

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It was evening before they arrived back at the crypt, cans of kitten food in Spike's hand.

Bones was so hungry by then, he had eaten a part of Spike's jeans pocket. Needless to say, it hadn't stayed with him very long.

After cleaning the mess, Spike took out a bowl and dumped a can of kitten food into it. Wrinkling his nose at the smell of the brown substance, Spike wished that he had just given the cat a bowl of milk like the old days.

After scarfing down the lumps of food, Bones' hunger finally sated and he let out a tiny burp.

By that time, Spike was so worn out that he collapsed onto the leather chair and instantly fell asleep.

Following Spike's example, Bones hopped onto the vamp's leg and crawled up Spike's jeans until he curled up on Spike's stomach.

One snore was mixed with a tiny whistling breath and both cat and vampire were out.


Spike awoke early the next morning by a strange smell. After sniffing the air for a bit, he was faintly aware of a slight burning sensation coming from his hand.

Turning his head to look at the alleged appendage, he saw that his hand was in a patch of sunlight and was on fire.

Leaping up from his position on the chair, Spike started blowing on the flames emanating from his hand. After he succeeded only in making the flames larger, Spike found Bones' bowl of water. Without a second thought, Spike stuck his hand in Bones' drinking source. The water doused the flames and the vampire sighed in relief. When the pain subsided and Spike's supernatural healing powers kicked in, he finally took his hand out of the bowl.

As Spike sauntered over to his fridge in search of an ice pack, he neglected to notice Bones napping in the sunlight and stepped on the kitten's tail. Yowling in pain, Bones awoke abruptly and started hissing.

Spike apologized to the kitten, who just walked off haughtily, tail high in the air. Shaking his head at the absurdity of him apologizing to the animal, Spike continued his quest for an ice pack. Finally locating his freezer and a blue ice bag, Spike sat himself down in front of the TV and began watching "Passions".

Letting himself get absorbed in the cliché world of soap operas, he never noticed his crypt door opening and a petite blond letting herself in.


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