Happy Endings

Title: Furry (4/?)

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Author's Notes: I know how terribly disapointed everyone was with my INCREDIBLY SHORT CHAPTER FROM HEEEELLL!!! But it was necessary. All stories must have a cliffhanger somewhere, right?

// Denotes Spike's thoughts


Seeing that the vamp was preoccupied, Buffy grasped the situation as the perfect oppurtunity to scare Spike out of his wits.

She crept down the dusty stairs with the silence of a mouse whose mouth had been fastened shut by duct tape.

When reaching the bottom of the stairs, Buffy's foot slipped and hit the stone, making a slight noise. She glanced at Spike, who was still basking in the fake glow of the TV, and continued to make her way to the couch.

Suddenly, Bones launched himself in the air and landed in front of Buffy, yowling and hissing. Buffy was not expecting an attack and let out a yelp of surprise.

Disturbed by the commotion, Spike snapped out of his TV haze and whirled around to face the pair.

At first, Spike just turned back around. //If I turn around again, she'll be gone.//

When he looked at Buffy again, he found that she was not a desperate figure of his imagination, but was the living, breathing Buffy.

Buffy was still dumb-struck, standing frozen in the corner at a safe distance from the hissing cat and the soap-obsessed vampire.

//Oh, shit,// Spike thought. //Caught red-handed.//

"Bones, it's okay," said Spike, uncertainly, "Buffy's...a...a...well, not friend, but aquaintance. Quit your yowlin'."

Buffy stared at the kitten, who had stopped hissing, and back at Spike before asking, "Spike. Why in the name of HELL do you have a CAT in your CRYPT?!"

Spike tried to search for an answer that would prevent wood from being embedded into his heart, yet could not find one.

"Er...This furball..uh...found his way to the crypt and started yowlin' until I let him in. And...now he...won't leave."

//Well, close enough to the truth, innit?//

Buffy looked skeptical.

"Are you sure that's what happened? 'Cause NOT convinced here."

Spike sighed. He obviously was going to have to tell some kind of truth now.

"Fine. Some demons I was playin' kitten poker with ate the kittens when they won. I took pity on this 'un and decided to take him here. Now Bones is with me- TO STAY," he emphasized, trying to ensure that the girl heard clearly.

Buffy just stared at him in astonishment.

"You're trying to tell me that you took in the cat by your own free will?" Buffy asked incredelously. "Somehow, your other explanationn was easier to believe."

Spike was growing EXTREMELY annoyed at Buffy's ignorance.

"Shouldn't you be happy? I should be bloody supported! At least I'm not roasting him over an open fire or slittin' people's throats!"

"I just find it hard to believe, is all."

"You should learn to have a little faith in peple, Slayer. What I'm doing is good and it bothers you 'cause that's not how it's supposed to work. I'm supposed to be a vicious killer. Guess what- I don't want to kill. You just want to keep believing that I'm a bad guy to prevent yourself from lovin' me. Well fine. Keep denyin' it. Soon, it's gonna come back to haunt you, Slayer. Enjoy your dilusions while you can."

Buffy was shocked by Spike's outburst and could only manage a weak, "That's not true, Spike..."

By that time, Spike was about to rip anyone's head off who even came remotely close to him.

"I'm goin' to give you to the count of three, Slayer. By the time I open my eyes, you should be gone."

The Slayer managed to give Spike an apologetic look before slipping out the crypt door.

By the time Spike counted to three and opened his eyes, the only inhabitant in the crypt (besides himself) was Bones, who looked as confused as Buffy had.

"I need a bourbon," said Spike, heading over to the fridge. When he saw that his alcohol supply was empty, he added-

"Make that six."


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