Happy Endings

Title: Furry (5/?)

Disclaimer: Well. You really must be blind. Joss Whedon SUE if me no put his NAME on work.

Author's Notes: Ahh. The drunkeness. Don't we just love it? Keep those reviews coming guys!


Willy's was smokier than usual. Demons of every shape, size, and smell (they were all fairly ripe) gathered under the dim lights.

When the bar door swung open and Spike stepped in, little attention was paid to him. All the creatures seemed to be pretty self-absorbed at that moment.

Spike swaggered up to the bar and signaled Willy, who seemed surprised to see the vamp.

"Well. YOU certainly haven't been here in a while. I enjoyed the not-getting-threatened-for-a-free-drink. It was peaceful," Willy said, wiping a shot glass on the side of his towel and filling it with amber liqour, which he gave to Spike.

Spike drank it quickly, wincing once, and handed the empty glass back to Willy for a refil.

"Love troubles?" Willy asked, obviously not interested.

"Worse," Spike replied. "Kitten troubles."

Willy's curiosity piqued and he asked, "What would a master vampire be doing with a kitty-cat?"

Spike sighed. Was this man going to get his drink in this millenia?

"Look mate, can I have my drink? Then I'll tell you."

Willy quickly poured the amber liquid into a shot glass and passed it over to Spike's waiting hand.

The bleached blonde knocked this one back easily, set the glass down on the bar, and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

That being done, Spike turned back to the barkeeper and started the story as promised.

"So I'm invited to play kitten poker, right? Bein' the guy to accept invitations, I go. I didn't think much of it at the time, they were just worthless animals- I've killed worse. Anyhow, I play and bein' the champion I am, my hand's a winner and I plunk it down on the table.

'Gimme my prize' I said. So they hand me a kitten. I was smiling at everyone, happy that I had bested the bastards, but one look into those kitten-eyes and I was hooked."

"So you took it home, huh?" finished Willy.

"Yup. Cutest lil' bugger I ever cam across. You know what I named him?"


"Bones. Good name isn't it?"

Willy just nodded, trying not to anger the slightly drunk vampire.

"So anyhow," Spike continued, "The Slayer finds out about Bones. But she's not thrilled, oh no. She almost brings out the stake on me, determined to end it once and for all. I say a few words at her, get annoyed and tell her to leave. Then I came here."

Spike asked for a few more drinks, which he knocked back as easily as the one before.

Always love troubles, thought Willy.

Spike leaned close to WIlly and said with alcohol breath, "Ya mind not tellin' anyone 'bout the cat? Dun want my re-, my repu-, my reputaschion to be ruined."

Willy just grinned maliciously and answered,

"No problem."


By the next morning, everyone in the demon world knew about Bones.

Spike didn't particularly know this fact, nor would he have cared at the moment, for his head felt as if someone put it through a meat grinder.

When Bones meowed his hunger, Spike had to suffle over to the fridge and take out a can of kitten food.

After missing the bowl by a mile and dumping it on the floor, Spike shuffled back to the couch and collapsed again.

The kitten wasn't about to eat off the floor, so he was going to mew again. But when he saw Spike's face wrinkled up in pain and his pitiful moans, the kitten knew that now Spike needed him and wandered over.

Out of his hangover-haze, Spike could see the kitten purring against his leg and picked up the furball. The purring soothed the headache and he felt relaxed.

Then Spike did the strangest thing. He himself started purring along with the cat. He tried to stop but found that the harder he tried, the harder the rumbling seemed to sound.

Finally, Spike felt totally relaxed and started to fall asleep.

The purring didn't cease.