Happy Endings

Title: Furry (6/?)

Disclaimer: A little devil told me to take these characters as my own, but I just flicked it away and told it that they belonged to Joss Whedon. Dammit.

Author's Notes: I know you must be thinking something along the lines of, WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG YOU BBEEEEEEEPPPP!!?? Well. The answer is that I have, like so many other unfortunate people in this world, homework to do and I have other obligations. I will try to make sure that chapters are completed more quickly in the future. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*Okay* Buffy thought, Staring at the heavy crypt door. *Just go in there and say you're sorry. No prob, right?* Urgh! This was going to do some MAJOR damage to her pride.

Taking a deep breath and counting to three, Buffy opened the crypt door. The Slayer crept inside, feeling disoriented by the silence.

*Maybe he's out* she thought. *Ah, well*

She was about to walk out the door again when she head a strange rumbling sound coming from the couch.

*Don't tell me his couch is broken too*

As she approached the piece of furniture, she could see a tuft of white-blond hair peeking out from behind the leather.

*Oh. There he is.*

She was about to wake Spike up when she caught sight of Spike and the kitten. It was the cutest picture she had ever laid eyes on.

Spike had the kitten curled up in his arms, looking loved and happy. Spike wore a content smile also and when Buffy came closer to the chair, she could hear the rumbling get louder.

*Is he...Purring?*

Sure enough, as she knelt down on the crypt floor, she heard the rumbling get louder.

*Wow. Could he always do that?*

She placed a tentative hand on Spike's silk-covered chest and felt the vibrations.

Suddenly, Spike grabbed Buffy's hand and said, "Anything you need, luv?"

"Er...um...I...er...there...was...," she stammered.

"So...you're just here to check on my chest?"

Buffy flushed and answered, "I came here to apologize."

The vampire looked surprised. "Well, this certainly is a first!"

//Prepare to grovel, Slayer//

Buffy took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry for not supporting you with the kitten. I know you won't kill him or eat him or drown him or anything. Actually, you probably have the best relationship with a cat that I've ever seen."

Spike raised a scarred eyebrow. //Should I make her suffer?//

Bones chose that moment of silence to approach the Slayer, seeking friendship.

Bones nudged his head against Buffy's boot and meweled.

"Pick 'im up," said Spike. "He likes you."

Buffy scooped the kitten up carefully in her arms and pet him on his furry head.

To Buffy's amazement, Bones started purring blissfully.

"Cats don't usually like me. Wow."

Spike looked on adoringly at his kitten and his slayer. She looked absolutely goddess-like standing there with the cat.

"Well," Spike said in a voice he hoped remained passive. "You could take care of 'im when I need it."

Buffy's eyes lit up, as a child's would after being offered a piece of candy.

"Of course I will."

Caught up in the moment, Buffy ran over to Spike and gave him a big hug. The vampire, slightly embarrassed, just patted the blond's back.

Just then, the door was kicked open, interrupting the moment.

Sharkie appeared, with several of his minions.

"Hear you have a kitten here," he said.

Spike narrowed his eyes. "What of it?"

Sharkie whistled and a few of his minions advanced on Spike and the Slayer.

"Since you have decided not to *ehem* use the kitten, we'll just be taking it."

"Over my dusted body!" Spike exclaimed.

"That can be arranged," Sharkie said, smiling deviously. ______________________________________

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