Happy Endings

Title: Furry (8/10)

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Author's Note: I have updated as promised, I thank you all for your reviews! They really motivate me (hint, hint). Anyhow, I have an idea of how this story will end and expect it to be 10 chapters. We're nearing the end, fellow readers... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A/N: Muchas Gracias to my good friend Sarah for teaching me how to play poker! Her patience is commended.

Spike headed to the first place he knew Sharkie and his crew were likely to be- Willy's.

Spike had held Willy at fang-point and demanded to know where the Shark was. The bartender was almost too frightened to move, but at last pointed a shaking finger towards the back room.

Spike dropped Willy, who slumped to the floor, holding his throat.

Sure enough, when the vampire entered the back room, he found that Sharkie had already started a game.

"I want my kitten back," growled Spike, eyes flashing yellow.

Sharkie just chuckled.

"Really," he said. "You and what army?"

Spike rolled his eyes at the old line and answered calmly. "I'll wager with you."

Sharkie's lips curled into a smile.

"What's the stakes?" he asked, fingering the wad of cash in his pocket.

"I win, you gimmie my kitten back and never bother me or Bones again."

"You lose," Sharkie interrupted. "You let me and my crew fight the Slayer- alone."

Spike laughed. "Not much of a prize, eh?"

"I don't believe you understand," the demon replied with and evil glint in his eye. "I have found a way to strip her of her powers. We'll fight as if she was a normal human girl."

The vampire stood up and in a low voice said, "You keep her out this."

Sharkie sighed. "Well... If you really don't WANT your kitten back..."

"No," Spike put out his hand as if to stop him from leaving. "I'll take the bet."

"Excellent," Sharkie said. He sat down and motioned for Spike to do the same.

"I'll deal," he said once they both were seated.

Three cards were placed before the two rivals. Sharkie placed a coin in the pot allowed Spike to follow suit. After the seven cards were dealt out, Spike said, "The big gamble starts now."

Sharkie smiled (again) as he answered, "As you wish."

"Your cards first," Spike said.

Sharkie's everlasting grin got wider. "All the better."

With a flourish, Sharkie flipped over his cards to reveal- a full house.

Spike acted as if he were utterly surprised. "Oh! Good hand, mate!"

He looked at Spike with a smug grin, which drooped when he heard, "But not good enough."

The vampire pluncked his four of a kind down on the poker table.

"I believe you owe me a kitten."

It was Sharkie's turn to look surprised. He was about to let Spike have his pet back when he noticed a card sticking out of the pocket of his leather duster.

"You cheated!" Sharkie accused, pointing at Spike.

Spike acted offended. "I did not!"

Just then, the cards that were in Spike's pocket fluttered to the floor around his boots.

Spike looked down at the pile. "How'd that get there..."

Sharkie's minions started growling in what they supposed was a menacing fashion.

He was about to give the order to attack when Spike interrupted.

"Let's play again. I swear on my fangs I won't cheat."

Sharkie was unfazed.

"A vampire's word is not usually trusted."

"What if I up the ante?"

Sharkie looked interested.

"By how much?"

"I win, you give me all the kittens you have and you have to promise never to play again.

"And if I win?"

"You get to either make me one of your drones or stake me."

The everlasting grin appeared again.

"Let's play."