Happy Endings

Title: Furry (9/10)

Author's Notes: Yes. This is the second-to-last chapter in the Furry series. I have already written some of the ending and plan to finish it over the weekend. Also, this is a pretty short chapter- sorry!

Disclaimer: Oh, come on. You've heard this song before. I don't own anything, but if I did then Sarah Michelle Gellar wouldn't be leaving. But I'm not :-( so I guess we'll just have to face the ugly truth... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Spike had to call Buffy up in order to transport all the kittens back to his crypt.

They climbed all over him, sticking sharp claws into his skin.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch!" Spike yelled when a black kitten decided that he would stick his claws into Spike's chest.

By the time Buffy arrived, Spike looked like The Cat Monster From Hell.

"Spike? Where are you?"

Muffled by kitten fur, Spike could only manage to say, "MMMMMpPPPHHHhh!"

Buffy tracked the sound and ran over to the vampire and started pulling kittens off him.

"Oy! Careful!"

A few minutes later, the Slayer and vampire managed to stuff all of the kittens into two baskets.

"How many kittens did you win anyway?" asked Buffy as the pair made their way to the crypt.

"Er...'bout 20."

"20!? What in the world are you going to do with 20 kittens?"

Spike shrugged. He hadn't really thought about it.

"Dunno," he said. "Probably give most of 'em away."

The kitten in Spike's pocket mewed suddenly. With his free hand, Spike dug around his pocket until he found the animal.

"I got this guy back finally," Spike said, rubbing Bones' head.

The cat mewed in response as if to say, "Glad to see you, too."

They arrived at the crypt and emptied out the baskets on the floor.

20 kittens rushed out of the prisons and started sleeping, fighting, and wrecking precious items.

"Have you decided what to do with the cats, yet?" Buffy asked, watching as yet another candle was mutilated by a wax-loving cat.

"I figure I'll keep two, including Bones, and give away the rest."

Buffy nodded. She saw that the kittens were somewhat settled and turned to leave.

"Er...Slayer?" Spike said almost inaudibly.

"Yes?" she asked, turning around to face him.

"You want one?"

Buffy looked puzzled.

"One what?"

"A kitten 'o course."

The Slayer thought it over and replied, "Sure." Dawn would be thrilled.

Spike's face broke into a grin as he pulled Buffy into the center of the kittens.

"Which one do you want?"

After eliminating two black cats and one striped, Buffy set her heart on an orange-patched one.

"I'll name her... Joyce Jr, after my mom," Buffy decided.

Spike smiled. "It's fitting."

Buffy and Joyce Jr. finally left, content with each other.

After the door was shut and the crypt was void of human life, Spike was left with the task of picking out a cat for himself.

The selection was certainly wide and most of the cats were running around too much to be seen properly. He finally started picking up random cats.

The third one he picked up had abnormally golden fur. It reminded him strongly of someone.

"I'll name you Slayer," Spike told the kitten.

Slayer looked up at Spike and without warning, pounced on his chest.

"Yup," he said, trying to get the struggling kitten off his chest. "Just like a Slayer." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A/N: YES! I WILL HAVE SPUFFY STUFF NEXT CHAPTER! *Dances happily* See. I told you I would sooner or later.