Chapter 11

Chapter 11


Buffy waited nervously as Harmony’s group performed for the class.


She had arrived early, props in hand and script memorized, only to find that Spike wasn’t there. After five minutes, there was still no sign of him.


Buffy made frantic motions to Oz, trying to ask him in sign language if he knew where Spike would be.


Oz just shrugged, but he didn’t look too worried.


“Oh, that’s just fine,” Buffy muttered under her breath. “He can be late, for all I care. After all, what’s an a hundred point project anyway?”


Angel had actually arrived on time for once. It was a miracle. Buffy almost hugged him, but then remembered who he was and recoiled in revulsion. He had also made up a very crude poster for a sky. By crude, she meant that it looked as if he’d paid a three year old to scribble on a piece of paper three minutes before class started. She actually wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.


Buffy was so lost in thought that she didn’t see someone come in through the door behind her.


“Hey luv,” Spike whispered in Buffy’s ear as he sat down next to her. “Did I miss anything?”


Buffy was so startled she almost slid out of her chair.


“Where have you BEEN?” she hissed, trying not to be audible to the teacher. “It’s been nearly TWENTY MINUTES!”


Spike chuckled, a sound that was rich and warm and made Buffy almost want to forgive him. But just for a second.


“Relax, I’m here now. Besides, it doesn’t look as if I’ve missed all that much, does it?”


Buffy just glared. Did he even bring props?


“Oh yeah, I got your bloody props. Took me ages, they did. I think I might’ve fallen asleep in a bucket of red paint.”


Buffy took a good look at Spike’s hair and noticed a few patches of it that were doused in red.


Buffy snickered in spite of herself and whispered, “It looks like you were in a serious fight.”


As soon as she said that, Spike got a strange look on his face and looked away.


“Oh, Spike,” Buffy said in horror. “You didn’t!”


He just smiled sheepishly. “What can I say, pet? I’m bad…”


Buffy was torn between concern and exasperation. Finding no response, she turned back to the performance in the front of the classroom.


“Buffy, I’ve been meaning to ask you something…” Spike suddenly said.


Buffy looked towards him, puzzled. “Oh yeah,” she said. “What?”


This was the first time Buffy had ever seen Spike looking nervous.


“Well, I- I wanted to ask you if…”


“Mr. Giles!” the teacher suddenly called. “First you walk into my classroom late and then you proceed to interrupt the performances! Please give our performers some respect!”


Spike nodded mutely and turned his attention towards Harmony and her group.


What just happened? Buffy wondered.


She was still contemplating this as the previous performance finished and their group was called up.




Later that night, Buffy called Willow.


A few minutes into the conversation, Buffy started to talk about what had happened in English class.


“Buffy!” Willow said joyfully.




“He almost asked you out!”


Buffy almost laughed out loud. “No he didn’t! That’s ridiculous.”


“Of course he was!” Willow insisted. “What else would he have said?”

Buffy contemplated this. “I’m not so sure…”


Willow just sighed. “Someday you’ll get it dearie.”


“You know Wills, you might be able to make me believe…”


“Oh no, Buffy. Not again!”


“Pllleeeaaaseee?” Buffy begged.


Willow must have been tired, because she gave in quickly.


“Fine. But something small.”


“Yay! Wills, you’re the best.”


“Okay, so you know how you keep giving him pencils?”


That hadn’t happened for a bit, but Buffy affirmed this anyway.


“Well,” Willow continued. “He keeps them.”


“What? He keeps them?”


“Yup. Has a whole collection in his pocket.”


Buffy was amazed and elated. “How do you KNOW all this, Willow?”


“Let’s just say that I have acquaintances.”


After Willow’s confession, Buffy wasn’t able to talk for much longer, so they both said their goodbyes.


Buffy lay on her bed, looking up at the ceiling and thinking about Spike. No one had ever liked her this much before and it was kind of disconcerting. If everything Willow said was true, and Buffy had her doubts, then Spike was probably looking for something he wouldn’t find in Buffy. He had probably already put her up on a pedestal and made her up to be some person that she wasn’t, and that wouldn’t do. Is Buffy could somehow convince Spike that she wasn’t that person, then maybe she’d get over him and be able to focus on something other than him for a change!


It was time to start planning.




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