Chapter 12


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During lunch the next day, Buffy noticed something a bit peculiar going on with Faith and Xander. In fact, it was more than peculiar- it was abnormal. For Faith, anyways.


“Buffy,” Willow whispered as they watched the two. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Faith flirting with Xander?”


Buffy observed Faith laughing loudly at a decidedly lame joke Xander had come up with and agreed that yes, she was flirting with Xander.


“So, Xan-man, I heard you got a job moving stuff. Doesn’t that require… muscle…” Faith emphasized her point by taking one of Xander’s biceps and squeezing it.


Xander was starting to look a bit pompous. “Why yes, in fact it does. I don’t mean to brag but I can bench press more than most on the moving team.”


Buffy scoffed at this, remembering how much effort it had taken Xander to haul her camp trunk from the car that one time. She eventually had to take the other handle and practically pull him up the stairs. Buffy was still teasing him about that…                          


“Hmmm, well, you know what else those muscles could be used for?” Faith asked Xander, batting her eyes at him.


Xander shook his head, but the sudden discoloration of his face hinted that he knew exactly what she was talking about.


Faith leaned over to whisper something in Xander’s ear, something akin to Xander’s thoughts it seemed since his face turned several shades darker, then she turned and walked away, exaggeratedly swinging her hips.


Xander watched her walking away with something indescribable in his expression, then mumbled some excuse and followed Faith’s trail.


Buffy and Willow looked at each other, bewildered.


“Something is seriously up with Faith,” Buffy finally voiced. She knew that Faith was planning something, just not how badly it would hurt Xander.


Willow nodded mutely, still looking dazedly towards the direction Xander and Faith had headed.



Buffy finished her lunch early, telling Willow that she couldn’t stand to stay in the cafeteria any longer. Willow had said that she understood and went off to find Tara, who had been stuck in the lunch line for a while.


Having done that, Buffy quickly headed to her sanctuary- the school library.


Normally, Buffy would have sat down at a table and read, but the library seemed to be too stuffy to sit still in so she found an open window to read next to.


Buffy quickly looked down from the window, noting that yes- they were on the second floor, and yes- it did look like a long way down. But she didn’t think too much of it, seeing as the window wasn’t that big and there was no way to fall through.


Buffy had just put her arm on the window ledge when she felt herself being pulled away from the opening.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”


Did she even have to ask herself who it was?


“Spike- I was just reading,” Buffy explained, a bit rattled at his sudden appearance.


“I know that, but the way you were leaning out of that window-“


“You mean I could fall out of the window that’s about 3 feet from the ground?”


Spike sputtered for a bit before biting out, “Sorry I cared.”  Then he departed in a wave of black leather.


Buffy looked after him, deeply puzzled. 


“God, this must be freaky Friday or something.”


The bell rang, pulling Buffy out of her thoughts and into the present. She realized that if she didn’t hustle, her English teacher would be seriously not happy.


Buffy quickly gathered her various books and stuffed them into her backpack, barely zipping it up before she was off.




In the roundabout way of things, Buffy supposed, it wasn’t really that much of a shock that Spike forgot his English book. It also wasn’t that surprising when he had to share with Buffy.


He had this smooth way of asking to share, too- like it was really going to benefit her in some way, too.


He asked, “Hey luv, would you mind sharing your book? Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, I promise.”


And of course, being the sucker she was, Buffy agreed- feigning reluctance. So Spike took his chair closer to Buffy, then closer, then closer, until they were almost touching arms.


Buffy looked inquisitively at Spike as he inched his way towards her, but he just –nonchalantly stated that he couldn’t see from so far back.


The close proximity Buffy and Spike were to each other allowed them both to get more acquainted with how the other felt. Needless to say, they were both having a hard time concentrating on the text in front of them.


“Okay Buffy,” she thought. “Read Call of the Wild and forget allll about the really hot guy who smells really good sitting beside you. Mmmm, what cologne is that anyways?”


“Does she even notice that I can feel her hair?” Spike wondered. “It’s like angora, so soft…”


They were both enjoying the moment, until Buffy remembered that she was supposed to be discouraging Spike instead of practically sitting on him. She then moved her chair away from his, hopefully discreetly, and continued reading.


Spike wasn’t unconscious, he saw what Buffy did and was a bit- well, he didn’t know what he was. He just felt strange, like his heart had just been squeezed a bit tighter so it hurt a little.


He sighed and continued to read over Buffy’s shoulder, still wishing that her hair would somehow magically gravitate towards his fingers once again.




“Wow Buffy! He was worried about you!” Willow gushed over the phone.


“You think? I thought he was trying to charm me into letting him borrow more stuff,” Buffy replied, even though as she heard this she realized that Willow was right.

“Most definitely. He cares… awww…”


Buffy felt her heart skip a little, but suppressed the excitement she was feeling.


“Even so, he’s still not my type.”


Willow scoffed. “Not your type? You mean you’d rather have someone who uses you and doesn’t really give a damn about you?”


“No Wills, that’s not what I mean…”


“Oh, I forgot to tell you today! I talked to Oz during lunch after you left!” Willow practically squealed.


Buffy was a little annoyed at this sudden change of subject, but was still happy for her friend.


“Good for you! I knew he couldn’t resist your Willow-y charms… Now, about Spike…”


“Yeah, I know. I couldn’t believe it! But there he was in all his Oz-iness, speaking to me! He just came over and started asking me about Physics, ‘cause he’s in my Physics class and then-“


Buffy was glad that Willow was glad, really she was- but what happened to the conversation about Spike?


“Um, Willow,” Buffy started. “I’m really excited for you and all, but weren’t we just talking about Spike?”


There was a bit of silence before Willow replied.


“Oh, I see. So it’s okay for us to be talking for hours about YOU, but the minute the conversation turns to ME, it’s suddenly not okay.”


“No Willow, I really didn’t mean it like that-“


“You know, the only reason we talk anymore is for me to update you on how SPIKE is doing and to assure you that he’s enamored with you. We don’t talk about Oz or classes or even our other friends, like Faith and Xander. It’s just Buffy, Buffy, Buffy all the time.”




“Well guess what- it can stay that way, ‘cause Willow won’t be there anymore!”




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