Happy Endings DOW 13

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Chapter 13


Buffy stared at the phone in shock.


Willow had never, EVER in the 3 years of their friendship even considered hanging up on her! Not even that time when Buffy started teasing her about Xander back in the good old days!


Could Willow really be that mad?


Buffy mentally recounted their various telephone conversations in the last two months and realized that Willow was right. Their recent conversations had definitely been Buffy-centric. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time they had talked about anything BUT her problems. Except for that one time that Willow helped her with Algebra 2. Even though Buffy excelled in English and history and science, math was a definite weak spot for her.


All this time, Willow was so patient with Buffy and what had she gone and done? Been a conceited jerkette, that’s what.


So Buffy did what she did best and wrote Willow a long apologetic letter, complete with illustrations and gel pens. Hopefully Willow would accept her apology…


Wait a second! Buffy wasn’t the only one who had problems, here! What about Willow’s issues with half-secrets? And her confidence wasn’t exactly stellar, either. Just the other day Buffy had complemented Willow on her outfit and Willow just replied that it would look better on Buffy.


Maybe this wasn’t such an awful thing to have happened after all! This way the two girls could solve all their various problems! Or at least alert the other to them…


That decided it. Buffy would give Willow the letter tomorrow morning.




The next morning Buffy met up with Xander and Tara.


“Where’s Willow?” she asked breathlessly.


Xander and Tara exchanged puzzled glances.


“W-Willow’s in LA for the week. Her cousin’s bat mitzvah, remember?” Tara said.


Bat mitzvah? Willow had never told her about any bat mitzvah. It kinda hurt. Still, Buffy pretended to know what they were talking about.


“Oh sure. The bat mitzvah. Her cousin… Dora, right?”


Tara and Xander exchanged another glance.


“No Buff. Her cousin’s name is Sara. She’s only been talking about this for weeks…”


Weeks? Really? Buffy could have sworn that Willow had never mentioned anything about Sara.


Darn. This certainly didn’t look good on the “let’s kiss and make up” front. Not that there would have been any kissing…


So it looked like Buffy had to wait until the week ended to give Willow the letter. In a way that was good- it gave time for Willow to cool off before receiving the letter. For the countless time that day Buffy considered not even giving the letter to her at all but quickly expelled the thought from her mind. Not doing anything wasn’t going to solve the problem.


Buffy decided to ignore the Willow problem for then and quickly got caught up in Xander’s endless joking.


She didn’t notice someone staring at her from across the hall.



Spike tried to follow Devon’s conversation about a party he attended the past weekend, but couldn’t no matter how hard he tried.


Why did Buffy have to be so beautiful and captivating?


Why did she have to be a ubiquitous presence in his thoughts?


Why couldn’t he just ask her out and be done with it?


Cause your mates will bloody well kill you, you idiot, Spike thought. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that Buffy wasn’t exactly high on the social scale. She was too smart to be a vapid whore like most of the other popular girls and wasn’t athletic enough to be on a team. So that left her… where? She certainly wasn’t part of the Star Trek worshipping gaggle of boys. Perhaps… somewhere in the middle?


He briefly considered what Buffy would think if she knew what he was thinking about. Probably would yell at him for being so shallow, but really, it wasn’t him! It was his friends!


Speaking of friends, they had all noticed that Spike wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to their conversation and had all stopped talking.


“Spike, man,” Devon said, waving his hand in front of Spike’s eyes. “You awake?”


Spike shook himself out of his thoughts.


“Yeah, just a bit tired is all.”


The boys surrounding him nudged each other.


“Got yourself a new girlfriend to uh, keep you up at night?” Devon inquired.


For a few panicked moments, Spike thought they knew about Buffy. But then he realized that they had no idea once they didn’t even look in her direction.


“Oh, no mate. Just not been sleeping well.”


The boys snickered. They didn’t believe him, of course.


“Whatever you say, man…”


Spike stole another glance at Buffy before replying.


“More like whatever I neglect to say…”



Ever since Willow told Buffy that Spike might like her, Buffy had been noticing little things that proved this true. The way he ignored everyone around him except for her, the times he would “lose” things just to share with her, but today he just stunned her.


Their English teacher announced, in her usual nasal voice, that they would be moving to the computer lab for the day in order to write a research paper. So amidst groans and complaints, the whole class trudged to the lab. Seating was alphabetical in the lab because Ms. King, or the computer nazi, was taking over for Ms. Calendar, the normal lab monitor. So Buffy was stuck next to Larry Tanenbaum and Kennedy Smith, neither of whom she liked all that much.


Since Spike was safely across the room and couldn’t distract her, Buffy could type up her paper in peace. At least she could until Larry left his seat.


When Buffy looked over to Larry’s seat next, she found that Spike had replaced him and was staring at the screen with exaggerated intensity, as if he’d found the meaning of life and was contemplating it.


“Spike,” Buffy hissed. “Why are you here? Ms. King will throw you out if she finds that her precious system has been destroyed!”


Spike just looked back at her, looking nonchalant, and replied, “My computer doesn’t have one of these floppy drive er, things. I definitely need one.”


Buffy rolled her eyes. Fine. He could be stupid. It was his funeral, anyhow.


A few minutes later, Larry returned.


“Spike, man! You took my seat!” he exclaimed, scandalized.


Spike twisted around and replied in the same blasé voice that he needed to use the floppy drive.


After giving Spike a strange look, Larry bumbled off, obviously puzzled.


Spike turned around and stared at the screen again; seemingly oblivious to the incredulous stare that Buffy was giving him.


Buffy was about to turn around to continue her paper when he noticed something sticking out of Spike’s jean pocket.


Was that… her pencil?


Spike shifted again and another pencil appeared.


It was purple and half clear… that was Buffy’s pencil!


In her stunned mind, Buffy thought of what this could mean. How many pencils did he have anyways? Did he have a collection!?


Spike was acting a bit… stalkerish. So why wasn’t Buffy scared? Why did she well up with delight when she realized this?


Where the hell was Willow when she needed her?


Then Buffy remembered. Willow was at her cousin’s bat mitzvah. Willow was pissed at Buffy. Very pissed.


Buffy sighed and turned back to her paper. Why couldn’t Willow get mad at her AFTER Buffy figured this all out!?


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