Happy Endings Chapter 14

Chapter 14


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After the computer lab incident, things quieted down considerably. Not fully, of course. Spike was still making Buffy crazy and the Willow thing wasn’t pleasant, but there wasn’t much else out of the ordinary. Except for one tiiiinnyyy thing…


Faith and Xander.


They’d been sneaking off regularly over the past few weeks. They weren’t exactly discreet about what they were doing either, as much as Xander probably thought they were being. More than one time Xander left the lunch table without a word to anybody and appeared later, looking disheveled and dreamy.


As much as Buffy would have liked to have a bit of confidence in the girl, she knew better. Faith wasn’t known for having serious relationships, nor for monogamy. It didn’t look as if she was going to change for Xander, either, which meant he was in for a one-way ticket to depresso-ville. She needed to have a serious talk with Faith- soon.


Her chance finally came after school. Faith was just coming out of her English classroom, kinda surprising that she actually went, and Buffy practically pounced on her.


“What gives, B?” Faith exclaimed when Buffy latched herself onto Faith’s arm.


“Bathroom, now.”


Buffy dragged her surprised semi-friend to the bathroom doors, who had no choice but to comply.


Once they had arrived, Buffy detached herself from Faith’s arm and immediately crossed her own in front of her chest and pinned Faith with a determined glare.


Faith, who was growing increasingly uncomfortable under the hostile gaze of her attacker, finally questioned, “So did you drag me in here for a reason? Or was that just a way of creating havoc?”


“What do you want with Xander?” Buffy replied, wasting no time with meaningless small talk.


“I dunno what you mean…” Faith said, her smirk declaring otherwise.


“You guys sneak off together every single day. I want to know what it’s about, cause it’s obvious that you aren’t sneaking off for emergency study sessions.”


Faith sighed and pinned Buffy with her own glare. “What I do is none of your damn business.”


“Xander is one of my best friends and he’s my business. Tell me, Faith- when are you planning to sleep with him? You know, tell him that he was nothing but a quick ride the next morning and break his heart.”


Faith suddenly grinned.


“Planning to? You think I shoved him into closets for the past few weeks just to make out? We’ve done things that would make the football players blush, hon.”


Buffy blinked in shock. Did they really go that far in a few weeks? Would XANDER really do that? She hoped, for his sake, that Faith was just trying to scare her, cause if not…


“Do you really expect me to believe that Xander would do that?” Buffy asked skeptically.


Faith laughed. “Xander’s only male. When I told him the things I could do to him, he practically begged me to screw him. Actually, I think he did once.”


No. Xander wouldn’t… not with Faith… would he?


“And as for how long I keep him?” Faith continued, “depends on when he gets to be boring. I hate being bored.”


That… that… no, there wasn’t a word to describe her heartlessness.


“What if I warn him?” Buffy suddenly interjected.


“Would he believe you?”


“I’m his friend, of course he would.”


Faith walked towards the bathroom door.


“We’ll see.”


And she was gone.



After Faith left, Buffy quickly stormed out of the bathroom. She knew what she had to do, she only hoped that Faith wouldn’t get to Xander first. Who knows what kind of garbage she’d tell the poor boy?


Buffy almost reached the front doors when a voice behind her made her stop in her tracks.




She sighed.


“Not now Spike,” she said, not turning around.


“I really need to talk to you!”


“I said, not now!”


Suddenly, Spike was standing in front of her, blocking the doorway.


“Just give me a second. That’s all.”


At any other given time, Buffy would have been all ears, but she had a minor crisis on her hands. She had to get to Xander’s.


“Spike, I really can’t talk right now. I have to go. Let me through.”


Spike suddenly gripped Buffy’s shoulders softly, surprising them both.


“Please? If not now, then meet me at the Bronze tonight at 8. I have something important I need to tell you.”


Buffy searched his face quickly, noting that he seemed almost desperate.


“Fine. 8. Bronze. Please can I go now?”


Spike, looking tremendously relieved, let go of her shoulders and let her pass.


Once Buffy was out the door, she suddenly realized what Spike just did.


He had asked her out. Spike Giles had asked her out.


The weirdness just kept on rolling…


Buffy arrived at Xander’s house a few minutes later. She rang the doorbell furiously, finally relaxing when she saw the doorknob twist and open.


“Buffy?” Xander said, looking surprised. “What are you doing here?”


“I need to talk to you. Urgently.”


“What happened?” Xander replied, sounding concerned. “Did some stupid jock threaten you? Cause if he did…”


“No,” Buffy interrupted. “It’s not about me. It’s about you. And Faith.”


Xander’s eyes widened.


“Faith? Um, what- what about her?”


“Can I come in?” Buffy suddenly asked. She really didn’t want to be doing this on his porch.


“Of – Of course…”


A shell-shocked Xander quickly herded Buffy inside and he prepared himself for the awfulness about to come.



“You’re wrong.”


Buffy sighed. She knew that Xander would have trouble grasping the concept of being used, but she hadn’t counted on it taking this long. They’d been arguing for over an hour and hadn’t gotten anywhere.


“Look Xander, I know that this is hard for you, but Faith doesn’t keep men for long. She even admitted it.”


Xander shook his head vehemently. “She said I was different.”


“Different than the last 30 guys she’s slept with? I don’t think so.”


“You don’t understand- she wouldn’t do that. I mean- we have a connection!”


“Not the kind you want, Xand. Look, I’m telling you that this can only lead to heartbreak. You need to break it off.”


Xander suddenly grew angry. “You’re just jealous. None of us have ever had a real girlfriend or boyfriend and the minute I find someone who cares about me, you try and talk me out of it. Well guess what- I’m happy. I haven’t been this happy in years. I need her and she needs me and if you can’t accept that then get out of my house.”


Buffy looked at him, shocked.

“Well? Haven’t you heard what I’ve said?”


Buffy felt tears coming. “Xand-“




Buffy took one tearful glance back at her friend and slipped out the front door.


Once outside, Buffy ran all the way home- not stopping once until she reached her room. When she finally reached her bed, she flopped down on it and sobbed.


Now two friends refused to speak to her. She didn’t think that had ever happened to her in her life. Why was everyone acting so strangely?


Suddenly, Buffy glanced at the clock.7: 30.


She suddenly jumped straight up.


Crap- she was supposed to be at the Bronze in thirty minutes.


She rushed like mad to splash water on her face and put on decent clothes and makeup. At 7:50 Buffy ran out the door, leaving a scribbled note to her mother.


Maybe she could make one thing go right tonight.




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