Happy Endings

Title: Days of Wonder

Chapter: 1/?

Description: Buffy, considered a class nerd, had never noticed Spike before he was placed in her English and World Studies classes. They both get off on the wrong foot, but can’t seem to stop thinking about one another. Confusion, misinterpreted signals, and romance galore!

Author’s notes: Well. Another high school fantasy fic. So I can’t claim that this is the first one ever done, but can almost guarantee that it’s an original plot, considering that it’s half based on my friend’s life. Believe me, her life was the real drama. --------------------------------------------------------------

Buffy looked out across the endless fields of multi-colored hair and piercings.

The first semester of Junior Year is tedious, Buffy thought, still searching for a familiar face. Usually she would have organized a meeting spot, or had everyone carry walkie-talkies, but she had forgotten at the last moment and was forced to face a probability that she was going to be alone for the year.

Just when she thought that she would have to start befriending the druggies, she saw a flash of red hair bounding exuberantly towards her.

“Buffy!” Willow cried. “Buffy!” The two girls found each other and embraced.

“Did you see your schedule yet?” Willow asked.

“Not really,” the blonde replied.

“Well, go!” Willow urged. “You only have so much time before someone like Angel decides to steal it and hold it ransom.” Both girls wrinkled their noses at the mention of the quarterback. Angel was the captain of the football team, which automatically made him a complete jerk. Furthermore, he was known for having 5 girlfriends at a time and replacing them when he got bored, which was often. Even so, the female population of Sunnydale High thought that he was almost as godly as Zeus himself.

So far, neither Willow nor Buffy had spotted the lug.

“Maybe he’s finally crawled into a corner and died,” Buffy supplied joyfully.

“No such luck,” Willow replied. “He was just made temporarily invisible by the crowd of cheerleaders surrounding him.” She pointed towards a clump of red uniform-clad girls. Sure enough, Angel was in the center of attention.

“Jerk,” Buffy said under her breath.

“Hey!” Willow shouted suddenly, “Xander and Tara are here!”

Willow ran off towards the new arrivals, leaving Buffy to laugh at her antics.

After the red head practically tackled the two, Buffy followed more slowly, not wanting to embarrass herself anymore than usual.

“Ah, Sunnyhell High,” Xander mused when Buffy caught up with the group. “Place of teenage depression, heartbreak, and evil teachers.”

Tara laughed at this quietly. She was noted as being the more quiet one of the group, but when she did say something, you could be sure that what she said was right on target.

Just as Xander was about to crack another joke about their place of education, Faith decided to show up. You could almost see Xander’s hormones going into overdrive at the sight of her.

“Hey B,” Faith greeted, nodding to Buffy.

“H-hi Faith,” said Xander timidly, not noting whom the greeting was directed to.

Faith noticed Xander talking to her and answered, “Hey Harris, how’s it hanging?”

Xander blushed a bit and looked at the floor, amazed that this hot girl was talking to him at all.

Willow had noticed the looks that Xander was giving Faith, as well as the drool hanging from his chin. She nudged him slightly and gave him a knowing grin.

Crap, Xander thought. She’s never going to let this go!

Just as Xander was about to threaten Willow to tell everyone all her secrets, the first bell rang and he was swept away in the wave of students heading to class.