Happy Endings

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As soon as Buffy hung up the phone, she knew she had forgotten something. Tomorrow was important and Buffy had no idea why.

Okay, so she had done her homework for History, did that project for Physics, did the Spanish sheet... What was missing?

Then she remembered.

English. They had the play tomorrow and they were supposed to have props and costumes. Damn.

Buffy debated what to do for a few minutes. She could either do everything herself, do nothing and fail, or call everyone and bug them.

I'll take what's behind door number three, I guess, she thought.

Buffy quickly searched for the school directory and after finding it under a pile of books, started looking up Oz's number.

She dialed the number and- it was busy.

Perfect. Just perfect.

The next was Angel.

He was there but he was well, busy.

"Hello? (Mmmm, right there)."

"Uh, Angel?"


"You know what, never mind, I'll call back."

He didn't even have the manners to give her a farewell.

Dammit. Her list was narrowed down already. Spike was the only one left.

Taking a deep breath and gathering her courage, she dialed the phone number.

A man with a very proper British accent answered.

"Hello, this is the Giles residence."

Buffy was amazed. They had a butler?

"Um, yes. Is Spike, er- William in?"

"Why yes, just one moment please- Will!"

Buffy could hear Spike shouting on the other line.

"What is it, Da?" he yelled.

"Phone for you!"

Oh, so not a butler, a father. Huh. But they sounded so different!

"Hello?" Spike said into the receiver.

"Uh, Spike? It's Buffy."

"Buffy? Oh, hi!" he said, surprised.

"I just remembered that we have the Shakespeare thing tomorrow and we need props and costumes."

"Bloody hell, I'd totally forgotten! What should I bring?"

Buffy thought for a moment before replying.

"Well, I guess if you have something red and blue... and a tree would be nice. A cardboard one, I mean."

"Blue and red? Well, time to check the ol' closet, then. They should be buried somewhere in there."

"Um, your dad sounds different than you do..."

"Oh yeah. Old Rupes and his nancy boy accent. I just liked this one better."

"Oh, that's interesting. American accents are just so dull."

"S'what I keep telling you lot..."

Buffy laughed.Suddenly, she had a startling revelation. They were talking to each other for two minutes without fighting! Weird...

Not wanting to ruin their first pleasant conversation, Buffy ended the call.

But not before Spike said, "Bye- Goldilocks."

Damn him! They were so close too!

Not to be outdone, Buffy tried to think up a retort, but it was too late- he had hung up.

She sighed and hung up the phone.

Tomorrow was going to be a loooong day.


Next Time: The play!

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