Happy Endings

Title: Days of Wonder

Chapter: 2/?

Author’s notes/ summary: See previous chapter ----------------------------------

So far, the school hadn’t exploded, which made Buffy’s day seem fine. She had gone to the office and picked up her schedule card (which remained unharmed) and was stopped by the principal who had congratulated her on the first-place science project she had done the year before.

After assuring her modesty, Buffy had gone blushingly off to compare schedule cards with her friends.

She found out that Willow and Tara were in her gym class (which wasn’t her best subject) and that she had English and World Studies with Tara.

Since her first class was World Studies, she and Tara went to find the classroom and bid Willow and Faith goodbye.

“Welcome to World Studies III,” announced the teacher as Tara and Buffy entered the classroom.

The pair quickly found seats and started listening to the speech the teacher was giving.

They found out that the teacher was named Ms. Halsey and was 25 years old. She seemed nice enough, at least nicer than her World Studies teacher from last year, Ms. Rose the Devil.

Ms. Halsey ended her spiel and announced that she would be seating people by her seating chart.

Tara and Buffy exchanged glances. Teachers who had seating charts were obviously new.

The teacher had everyone stand as she announced the rows.

“Kendall, Harmony.”

The ditzy blonde giggled and sat in the seat the teacher indicated.

Buffy rolled her eyes at the cheerleader’s behavior.

As more seats were filled, Buffy said a silent prayer not to be seated next to someone like Andrew, who was picking his nose.

“Mc Clay, Tara.”

Buffy bid her friend farewell and watched her sit down. But then by a stroke of luck, the teacher announced-

“Summers, Elizabeth.”

It was Buffy’s turn to squeal as she sat next to Tara.

She then noticed that there was an empty seat on her left side.

“Giles, William.”

“Spike,” he said.

Buffy scrunched her forehead up in puzzlement. Who?

“Excuse me?” Ms. Halsey asked, obviously perplexed.

“The name’s Spike,” he repeated.

He’s British, thought Buffy, hearing the distinct accent.

Spike had bleached blond hair and wore a black shirt and jeans. All distinctly screamed “Goth!”.

Then Buffy noticed his eyes. They were a brilliant shade of blue, almost cerulean. She found herself in a kind of trance as she watched Spike sit next to her.

Those cheekbones! Is it even possible to have them that sharp? she thought dazedly.

Buffy relaxed a bit. This was going to be an interesting year.