Happy Endings

Spike sat down in the desk chair. He silently wished for a cigarette and a ticket out of there.

When he was about to excuse himself to “go to the bathroom”, he noticed the girl sitting to his right. She was blonde and small, staring intently at the teacher. She didn’t look like a cheerleader, but with her looks she could be one.

As Spike was admiring the girl’s hair (it's like gold silk) the blonde turned around and caught Spike’s gaze.

Beautiful, he thought.

Buffy noticed Spike’s stare and blushed intensely.

Spike shook himself out of his stupor and berated himself.

Snap out of it, Mate!

Spike’s smile broke into a smirk as he quietly asked, “Who’re you, luv?”

Buffy almost blushed again, but caught herself.


Spike’s eyebrows shot up at the name.

“Buffy, eh? Wow. Your parents must’ve really hated you…”

Buffy’s mood quickly turned sour.

“For your information, it’s a nickname. My real name is Elizabeth, Even so, I don’t think you should be talking, Spike.”

She’s got sass, Spike thought amusedly.

He decided to play the indifferent one and shrug.

Another person to add to my list of people who I wish to kill, Buffy thought.

Deciding not to waste any more time talking and potentially jeopardizing her spot on the “good” side of Ms. Hasley’s list, Buffy turned around and faced the teacher.

Spike tried to follow her example but found his gaze drifting back towards the golden strands.

This was going to be an interesting year.