Happy Endings

“Do you know Spike Giles?” Buffy asked Willow at lunch.

She, Willow, and Faith were sitting in the back of the cafeteria. Xander and Tara were supposed to have joined them, but were instead studying in the library.

The redhead nodded and asked, “Sure I do. Why?”

“He sits next to me in World Studies,” Buffy said in what she hoped was a nonchalant tone.

“Well, he’s been here since 9th grade. I heard that he was supposed to be all nerdy then.”

This was certainly shocking. Somehow, Buffy couldn’t quite imagine the bleached bad-ass in a tweed coat and glasses, although, the thought did bring up a very funny picture of a walrus.

I have to get a yearbook and look him up...

Suddenly, a wave of perfume assaulted Buffy’s senses. When she turned around, Buffy saw none other than Cordelia Chase.

“Oh, look,” she said with a flick of her brown hair. “The geek trio have decided to grace us with their presence. I’m honored.”

Buffy gave the cheerleader a tight smile.

“Well, Cordelia. I think you’ve got it wrong. See, you came to us, not us to you. Besides, your bitchiness isn’t good for the environment.”

Cordelia did not seem the least bit fazed at Buffy’s comment.

“Wow. Attitude problems. But if you haven’t noticed, class isn’t in session, so spare me the lecture.”

As Cordy walked away with a superior air, Faith looked ready to kill.

“I swear, someday I’ll kick that bitch from here to hell,” she said, punching her fist into her hand.

Buffy wasn’t worried. She knew that although Faith talked big, she wouldn’t do any real damage…she hoped.

“Hey, isn’t that the guy you were asking about?” Faith pointed behind Buffy.

She whirled around to see Spike surrounded by various friends. Buffy turned back around and said calmly, “Yeah, I guess.”

Faith smirked. “You don’t like that guy, do ya?”

Buffy laughed. “Of course not,” she assured her friend. “In fact, I think I may hate him.”

Faith shrugged and answered, “Your loss. I think he’s hot, I’d do him till he was sore.”

Buffy felt a bit like inflicting harm upon Faith as she said this. It was almost as if she was jealous.

Nah, she thought. Must’ve been the taco. Those things are toxic.

Still, she couldn’t help think of a certain blonde’s eyes and their enchanting shade.