Happy Endings

As soon as Buffy stepped into the English classroom, something seemed off to her. Sure, the walls were covered with the usual inspirational messages, but something about the atmosphere of the room seemed strange.

She cautiously stepped into the classroom, half-expecting someone to attack her, and looked for Tara. Buffy didn’t notice the shy girl anywhere, so she just waited by a desk until her friend arrived.

Then, a familiar voice behind her suddenly taunted, “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Goldilocks. Three bears not home?”

Buffy gritted her teeth. She SO did not need this right now.

“Get lost on the way back to the mother country, Spike?”

Spike didn’t answer, but out of the corner of her eye she saw one of his friends laughing.

Just as Spike was about to come up with a witty response, the teacher entered the classroom. The two blondes just glared at each other and found their respective seats (Tara had appeared just before the teacher did).

“I am Ms. McDufford,” the teacher proclaimed. “This is Honors English 11, as I’m sure you know. First off, I would like everyone to introduce themselves and tell us one thing they like.”

A few groans reverberated in the classroom at the mention of introductions. Ms. McDufford merely chuckled and motioned to the back of the room, indicating that the student sitting there should start.

A boy with blue hair stood up and said, “I’m Daniel Osbourne, but if you want you can call me Oz. I like playing the guitar.”

Oz sat down and the girl next to him continued the introductions.

The line of students progressed and Buffy steadily got more and more bored.

Cordelia and Harmony Kendall liked (big surprise) shopping. Devon Cleery like computer games and the drums. The introductions went on and on the introductions went until the spotlight was on Tara.

Tara, forever shy, stood up shakily and managed to say, “I’m T-Tara McClay and I-I like mythology.”

As she sat back down, a few snickers were heard from the “popular” side of the room. Tara heard and instantly went bright red.

Buffy would have comforted her friend, but found that it was her turn and had to stand up.

“I’m Buffy Summers,” she announced. “I like dancing and martial arts.”

Buffy noticed a few surprised stares as she took her seat. Most of them were probably thinking that she was going to say “reading” or “biology” instead. Buffy rolled her eyes. Just because she was a good student didn’t mean that she couldn’t be interested in anything else.

When it was Spike’s turn, Buffy listened to him. She figured his answer would be interesting.

Spike gave everyone a grin, eliciting girly giggles from Harmony and her friends.

Just as he was about to speak, the door flew open and Angel stepped in. The jock whispered something to the teacher, handed her a piece of paper, and sat down near Harmony and Cordelia.

Spike looked less-than-pleased about being interrupted and glared slightly at the new arrival.

“As I was SAYING,” he continued. “My name is Spike Giles and I like Manch U.”

Most of the kids looked puzzled. Spike sighed.

“Manchester United? What you all like to call a ‘soccer’ team?”

People looked less confused after this statement and Spike sat down.

Could he BE any more stereotypical? Buffy thought.

She paid little attention to the last introduction, in which Angel repeated his love for football, until the bell finally rang and Buffy was free.