Happy Endings

Buffy tried to spend the next few weeks as far from Spike Giles as she could manage. She took the long way to all her classes, even going as far as to spend lunch in the library in order to avoid him. Her friends were starting to get a bit worried about her behavior. Willow had questioned Buffy the week before, asking her why she was acting so strange. Buffy just shrugged it off, saying she wanted to focus on her studies rather than spend her free time socializing. Willow looked at her a bit strangely, but let it go.

During class, however, Buffy had no means of escape. Buffy would try to ignore Spike’s attempts at getting her to talk to him, yet never tried to get a seat change from the teacher. To Spike, this meant that Buffy didn’t hate him nearly as much as she put on. He even told her so.

“What!?” she had exclaimed. “Believe you me, Mr. Giles, I want nothing more than to have you out of my life!”

Spike just scoffed and said, “You’re not making much of an effort, luv. I think that if you truly hated me as much as you say you do, then you would’ve at least tried to move across the room.” Then turned away to talk to one of his friends.

Spike’s comment kind of irked Buffy. Not because he was off-target like he was supposed to be, but because he was right. And Spike and rightness were… well they were bad, weren’t they? Maybe she was being irrational, it wasn’t as if she’d known him for all that long anyway. Maybe he wasn’t all that bad…

“Hey luv, can I borrow a pencil?”

Buffy rolled her eyes. He made a point to ask her for a pencil almost every class, and rarely gave them back. Still, sucker as she was, she gave them to him every time. Buffy rummaged through her pencil case and gave one to Spike.


A few minutes later, Buffy heard a snapping sound.

“What was that?” Buffy asked.

Spike sheepishly held up the broken pencil and replied, “Umm, sorry?”

“You sooooo owe me another pencil!”

The next day, however- Spike asked once again for a pencil, and Buffy gave him one.

Tara had noted this and said a bit shakily, “W-Why don’t you just tell him to get his own pencil instead of mooching off you?”

Buffy shrugged and said, “To tell you the truth, Tar, I don’t really know.”

Tara nodded, and smiled to herself. Even if Buffy didn’t know, Tara had a pretty good idea why.

English class wasn’t so unbearable, seeing as Spike was almost across the room from her. He still didn’t miss a chance to talk to her before class, even if it was just to taunt her. Still, English class was peaceful. Or at least it was until Miss McDufford had assigned the first project of the year- acting out scenes from As You Like It.

The teacher had announced the project with glee and a bit of malice, saying that they would be able to practice the play in class and that she’d be posting who’d they would have to work with on the board tomorrow.

Two guesses who Buffy was with-

“Spike? I’m with SPIKE?”

“It’s not so bad, Buffy…”

“Tara- it’s Spike. Of course it’s bad.”

To make matters worse, she had Mr. Jockhead himself- Angel O’Conner on board. The only person she could stand to talk to in her group was Oz.

“Wait, we have three boys and one girl? Who’s going to be Celia?” Buffy questioned, after the group had decided that Buffy should play the part of Rosalind for the wedding scene.

“Make Mr. Poofter over here be Celia, he’s best suited for the part…” Spike supplied.

Angel, as it turned out, didn’t really care much. Just as long as he didn’t have to bring in props, he was pretty much open to doing anything. Oz was the same, except he didn’t mind bringing in props.

Then, Spike took matters into his own hands.

“Alright, Oz can be Oliver, and I- being the devilishly handsome man I am- shall be Orlando.” Spike grinned rakishly at Buffy and almost purred, “Hello, my lady.”

Buffy tried not to let it show how much his words affected her, but she still had to bite her lip to keep from whimpering.

God, I dunno how much longer I can stand him, Buffy thought, as Spike turned his attentions towards the script.

“Wait…” Angel said suddenly. “Celia’s a girl!?”

A/N: Sorry for the Sheakspeare reference! For all those who don’t know the play As You Like It (or just need to refresh their memory) try Sparknotes. There’s a quick summary of the play there. For those who really don’t care- you just need to know this: Orlando and Rosalind are in love as well as Oliver and Celia.