Happy Endings

Buffy had taken the liberty of opening her home to her English partners so they could start practicing. Or, that was their initial intention…

“Hey, Buffy- do you happen to have any soda?”

“Oh, look! They’ve got a Game Cube!”

“Interesting painting. Are arms supposed to do that?”

Buffy sighed. They had been in the house for no more than 5 minutes before they started making themselves comfortable. Angel was raiding the fridge, relentlessly filling his stomach with HER groceries; Spike had re-discovered the joys of video games and was starting up a new game of Mario, and Oz was studying the various art collections Buffy’s mother had around the house.

Buffy was growing increasingly pissed. She tried to deep breathe, and think of clouds and unicorns, but they were starting to get annoying too. Okay, that’s it-

“Hey, people?”

No one paid any attention.


Still no response.


At last, a reaction! Spike stopped mid-kill, Angel stopped mid-bite, and Oz stopped mid-watercolor.

“Do ANY of you remember the reason that you’re here?”

They all stared blankly at her. Oz finally spoke up-

“Well, I seem to recall a project…”

Buffy nodded. “Yes, a project. Which we are all going to fail unless you all get yourselves into shape!”

“But I’ve already am in shape!” Angel protested.

Buffy smiled sweetly at him. “See how in shape you are after I chop off all your limbs and mail them to Antarctica.”

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Spike interjected.

Buffy glared at him. “That goes for ALL of you.”

She stormed off in search of scripts while the rest gave each other worried looks. She soon returned, paper in hand.

“Now,” she said. “Where should be start?”


“I have promis'd to make all this matter even. Keep you your word, O duke, to give your daughter;—“

Angel started laughing uncontrollably and Buffy stopped delivering her lines.


He snickered. “Sorry, it’s just that- Spike looks hilarious in that hat…”

Spike glowered at the quarterback, touching the flowered bonnet adorning his head. “I’ll give you something to cry about in a minute if you don’t shut up.”

“We’ve been over this before, Angel. We don’t have enough people in our group for everyone to have one part. So we all get two people to play,” Buffy explained.

“Well how come everyone else has at least one male part besides me?” Angel whined.

“Because being a female just suits you so well…” Spike teased.

Buffy considered taking offense at that comment, but decided against it. They were losing time.

“Okay, Oz,” Buffy finally said. “Start from the Duke’s first line.”

“Dost thou believe, Orlando, that the boy Can do all this that he hath promised?”


The rehearsal had finally ended at 8:30 at night, 3 hours longer than it was supposed to have taken. Her mother, thankfully, had gotten tied up at the gallery and didn’t arrive home until 9.

“How was your day, sweetie?” Buffy’s mother asked during (a very late) dinner.

“Urgh,” she replied. “You don’t want to know.”

The rehearsal had actually gone quite well after Angel had gone home early. He claimed that he needed to do homework, but Buffy was extremely doubtful that that was his real intention. Everyone knew that Angel didn’t do homework. Still, it seemed that he always got away with a C in his classes. Star quarterback he was, teachers were secretly encouraged by Principal Snyder to give the boy extra credit. They didn’t want Sunnydale to lose their championship title, now did they?

Oz had been the most helpful of the trio. He had actually managed to complete his lines without any comment. Buffy felt so grateful to him that she felt as if she could kiss him. Er, maybe not. Besides, Willow had had a huge crush on him since forever and she didn’t want to hurt her.

Spike, on the other hand, was driving her nuts. He and Angel battled every two seconds, mostly over little things like who got the couch and whose hair was worse. After Angel had adjourned, Spike had managed to act almost normal for the rest of the time. Still, he seemed to go out of his way to make Buffy peeved. He made lewd jokes, played with anything he could find, and wouldn’t stop talking no matter how many times Buffy threatened him.

The strange thing was… Buffy couldn’t seem to stop thinking about him. It was really quite disconcerting.


Buffy looked around worriedly for Willow. Willow wasn’t one to be late, not even for gym. She was usually the first one in the locker room…

“Buffy! Buffy!” Willow cried.

“Wills! Where were you? I was starting to get worried!”

“Oh yeah. I got… caught up.”

Buffy was puzzled. Caught up with what?

“Do you like Spike Giles?” Willow suddenly asked.

Bewildered, and more than a tiny bit embarrassed, she replied, “N-no, of course not…”

“Buffy, you’re blushing more than I can. You so do!”

Darn Willow, knew her better than anyone else.

“Well, so what if – wait a sec, that question came out of nowhere! What’s going on?”

Willow, never the one to keep anything secret, eagerly answered, “Well, what if I told you that he liked you back?”


A/N: Sorry, it’s a cliffhanger, I know. But I couldn’t resist. It might seem that this story is moving fast, but let me tell you- the good stuff is just to come.

Thank you all so much for the lovely reviews! They have been an inspiration and a joy to read. This is my first AU and I’d really love feedback! Remember, a good reader is also a good reviewer *hint, hint*.

BTW- all of the stuff in old English is from the play As You Like It by William Shakespeare. Check it out sometime.