Happy Endings

After an awful night of sleep, Buffy awoke to another day. But today was going to be different for Buffy. Today was the day that she would face someone who potentially liked her. This was a BIG DEAL. Well, for Buffy anyways.

Buffy spent almost 45 minutes the night before deciding on an outfit that would be “appealing yet modest”, to put it in her terms. After ditching twelve other combinations of clothing she finally decided on a flowered skirt and white blouse. Her blue sandals would have to do, she supposed.

Then, in a fit of temporary insanity, Buffy decided to do something drastic to her hair. She plunked herself down in front of her mother and plainly asked for braids. But not one or two braids, no- a whole head of braids.

Buffy wasn’t exactly sure why she did it, but she concluded that she just wanted to stand out.

Well, stand out she did.

The next day at school, she met her friends at their usual place by the lockers. Needless to say, they were surprised with Buffy’s new hairstyle.

“Um, Buffy,” Willow started. “Your hair- it looks, uh, nice.”

“Wow, Buff. That’s all I have to say,” Xander said.

“Woah, B!” Faith exclaimed. “What’d you DO?! I mean, was that intention- OW! Willow! What was that for?”

Willow quickly pulled her foot back and replied, “Sorry. I slipped.”

Buffy suddenly felt extremely self-conscious. What the hell had she been thinking? This wasn’t just a change, it was DIFFERENT. And that meant that Buffy would be noticed, and that meant that she would be made fun of, and that meant a whole WORLD of bad.

Tara suddenly spoke up. “Well, I like it.”

Buffy smiled at her friend. Thank goodness for Tara.

Still, Buffy wasn’t about to face a whole day of humiliation and suffering, so she resolved to take out the braids at lunch.

Which was after History…

Which was RIGHT WHEN she saw Spike!

Damn, she was in trouble…


Buffy nervously looked at the doorway to her History classroom. Inside that door was her doom. She took a deep breath and put one foot into the room. Then the other. Then she took another step and another until she reached her desk.

Thank god Spike wasn’t there yet.

But Harmony was.

When Harmony saw Buffy’s hair, she broke into guffaws.

“Wow, Medusa much?”

Buffy shrank into her seat, praying to whomever was up there that Spike would skip today.

She had no such luck. Right then, Spike entered the classroom.

He seemed to be in a sort of a trance, not noticing Buffy’s presence. He sat down in his seat calmly and looked out the window next to him.

Buffy waited patiently for his reaction. Then it came.

Spike broke out of his reverie and looked over towards Buffy. He did a double take and before he could stop himself exclaimed, “You’re ugly!”

Buffy felt as if she was about to cry. Out of all the things he could have said, that was undeniably the worst.

She managed to smile and say, “Shut up! After all, I’m not the one with the blindingly white hair here, mister.”

Spike thought it over and said, “Yeah you’re right. And I didn’t really mean that you were ugly. You’re not, you know. The hair just surprised me, is all.”

Buffy doubted that. She had seen the look on his face when he saw her. It wasn’t one of surprise, it was one of disgust.

Feeling worse than before, she tried to busy herself by reading a book. It helped a bit, but not much since Spike was sitting right next to her. If she wanted to, she could even reach over and touch him. It was comforting yet discerning at the same time.

She wondered just what that meant…


Later that night, Buffy called Willow again.

“Wills! He thinks I’m ugly! He CAN’T POSSIBLY still like me after that horrendous hairdo!”

Willow sighed. “He does not think you’re ugly. He likes you and braids aren’t going to change that fact- how many times must I tell you?”

She still wasn’t convinced. “Oh, but Willow…”

“Don’t you ‘but Willow’ me. Besides. I KNOW he likes you.”

Buffy perked up. Willow had information. About Spike. Hmm…

“How do you know?” she asked.

“Oh no you don’t,” Willow quickly replied. “I’m not telling you a THING, missy!”

“But then how do I know he still likes me? After the fiasco today, I need all the convincing I can get.”

“So, how was that Physics test you told me that you had to study for? Did it go well?” Willow said.

“C’mon Wills! No changing the subject NOW!”

“Laaaalaaalaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t hear you if I’m singing! LAAAAAAA!”

“I’ll stop bugging you if you just tell me ONE THING!”

Willow stopped singing. “One thing?”

Yes, results!

“One thing only.”

“Well,” Willow started. “I guess one thing wouldn’t be so bad…”

“Yes! I love you forever!”

“Okay, fine. Here it is- Spike stares at you when you go down the hallway.”

“He DOES?!”

“Yes, and it makes other girls annoyed. Satisfied now?”

“But, but how do you know this?”


“Wills! I need to know!”

Willow sighed. “I saw him last week. He was talking to another girl, I think it was Harmony, and you came down the hallway. He became kind of distracted and wouldn’t answer her. Harmony saw who he was staring at and started acting all huffy. There. NOW are you happy?”

Buffy beamed at the other end of the phone.

“You have no idea just how much it does!”

“Can I go now?”

“Yes, yes, Willow you can go. I adore and admire and cherish you!!”

“Yeah, yeah. Love you too.”



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