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This is a Buffy/Spike centric site- home to the fanfics and videos of Vampssuck5605.

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12/09/04- Wow. Has it really been 3 months? I've definitely neglected this site AND my fic. Okay, I just wanted to let you all know that I am STILL ALIVE and STILL WRITING. I've just been doing so at a verry slow pace. I plan to crank a chapter out by the end of December/early January. Unfortunately, this trend of slow updating will continue to be a trend until probably Spring of next year. So so so so sorry!

9/16/04- Hey everyone! We have a new layout from Cyber Cat Designs. They did a really lovely job on the layout. Thanks!

8/28/04- Did I say tommorow? I meant if my computer wasn't breaking down and being a jerk, yeah. Well anyways, chapter 16 is up and now all the story pages have a review link on them to the new form, so review, pleeeeaaasseee!

8/26/04- Hey guys! Days of Wonder has been nominated at Vampire's Kiss Awards! Also, the new chapter will definitely be up tommorow so look for it then!

7/15/04- GASP! Could it be? A new chapter in only a few DAYS after the last one? Yes, it's true! Chapter 15 is now up and running! I'm also working on a review form, so look for that soon.

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